Michael Ruff

Watching Like Angels

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Used to be lonely
Lost and cold
No one to hold me
No one to hold
Now I'm walkin' with somebody
Makes it easy to understand
What it takes to be whole
Not a half a man
So easy to say I'm better off alone
But not when I've got someone who
makes me feel
The way you do
Walkin' with somebody

Now I've got my friends
And my kisses sweet
But I can't love anybody
Till I'm standin' on my own two feet
Here I'm walkin' with someone
All I'll ever need
I'm a part of her and she's the best of me
So easy to hide my feelings
Always did have a way with words
But I can tell you now that all I know is, know is
No one ever made me feel this way...
Walkin' with somebody
Walkin' with somebody