Arkham Witch

Viking Pirates Of Doom

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Men at arms on the ocean wave
Hell bent on death and rape
Leave now, before it´s too late

In the mist when the thunder strikes
We descend from the northern lights
Ride the storm and see what bites!

Odin calls from across the sea
Freya sends her love to me
The best things in life are free

Thor lends his strength to all
Loki answers our wolfen call
Tyr laughs as they fall...

We come in our longships
We don´t take any bullshit
We just take all of your shit
Viking pirates of doom!

We come to your island
We come to break the silence
We come for sex and violence!
Viking pirates of doom!

The storm our brother and the sea our bride
Pain and death, another wave to ride
We "hail" those who´ve died
In the mist glory awaits
Hand in hand with hel´s black gates
Only the norns know our fates

Odin! Odin! Odin!

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