Kate Voegele

Wedding song

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Let's chase stars in the countryside
And walk barefoot through the grass
All I know is when I'm with you
I never want this time to pass

So let's drive around in circles
And kiss at every red light
All I know is when I'm with you
Everything's gonna be all right


Oh my love, put your hand in mine
I know it's in your eyes
I see love shine
Oh my love, you know I just can't say
How this love began or why it's here to stay

So let's sit out on the front porch
And watch all the stars unfold
All I know is when I'm with you
You're the one I want to hold


So let's build a life together
And let's dream like lovers do
All I know is when we dream
All our wishes come true


Autor(es): Phil Ajjarapu

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