Dorsal Atlântica

Violence is Real

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Things start without knowing the reason why
Today you pass by and don't see
Tomorrow you'll be the next victim
Without guilt of this situation

Travelling the highway, a hard dry noise
In the bus an innocent was shot for mere ignorance
Nobody expected to feel how life is so fleeting
And that death rounds all bloodshed's snell

First day of the new year
First day of our old life
Reality can be worse than our worst fantasy
You feel that doesn't reach you
You feel safe in a silk cocoon

The passengers were organized and helped the wounded
Even never meeting before they were in fear for one another
You discover what solidarity means in difficult noments
At least that time i had hope and it was pleasant to believe in that

How long will it last ?
Wait to die for acting ?
Fighting is our obligation to chance
It's no joke, violence is real

Those instances of the present must change the course of the future
To end well lightened our souls but left a ouestion in the air
If we leave it like it is, our time will come there 's no escape
Cause what devastates the human race is the misunderstanding of being human

Autor(es): Carlos Lopes

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