Son, Ambulance


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His liver damaged In the wreck
The wind shields shattered all for an instant
fleeting like cars from the street

Captopped spinner across the highway
And horses dieing backseats stumbling now,
and no I cant talk now, but I understand

Anyway I look at him, my love you've got to come back soon, it's not fair.
They choke your neck with a sea(?), but they're meant to help

Breaking apart, miss, understand me
Flashed this evening on the sky screen
drive to Vegas and get yourself hitched

If I lived through my imperfections
To a glass staircase
and you're still angry,
I don't want to be your friend anymore

We turned the wheel,
That raised a wall and made this livid world turn red,
But I'm not scared,
Upon my bones from the face where I lie, Violetttt

Like rain returning
(violet)Back to the earth,
(violet)from a cloud falling down,
(violet) makes you squint,
(violet)as it hits your glasses lense.

I set a trap caught myself, so I surrendered, that's what I did, It wasn't there, nnnnoo it wasn't there, I looked I looked I looked everywhere,

the girl I lived for saturdays,
she watched this brilliant star grow faint,
but its not there, its not there.
I make this light to give to you,
no matter what you do,
I'll best open up these words to pour like rain, a piece upon your perfect head, it'll luminate you, start to splutter I surrender,

She wore a charm, she wore a charm, a charm necklace, she tied it tight before that night, and ..... .....
and all the world has grown torn (?), it will be yours to stop

Autor(es): Palle Mikkelborg

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