Virginia Beach

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Do you remember Mike's party we had a grand ol' time
Kids defying the rules and society doing what we want
You went upstairs and I kinda followed you
Next thing I know we're making out on his dad's bed while he's in Africa
You said that you just wanna fall in love

So how long has it been since we started caring for each other
I never could read your mind
I could never make the move
Somehow or another fate always works out for the best

And I can't wait for the day when I can say I love you
You and me can't you see we're meant to be
'Cause what I see in front of me is the most beautiful girl
Can't you see I'm happy

This could be the best time of our lives
Where we would fall in love and watch the stars spell out your name
Then we'd buy some gas and go to Virginia Beach
Where we lay in the sun

Well, I've been shunned of girls all my life
Attractions never satisfaction
Today's the day when I tell you
How much I love you

You don't know how it feels to finally have a girl who cares for me
Someone who won't screw me over in the next few days
'Cause when you understand me we bond more everyday
Can't you see I'm happy

What we talked about last night touched me in the heart
It means a lot to me when you are honest with me
Sorry I got angry
Guess I want you for myself