Visions Of The World

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There I was slumber on my bed
a million thoughts running through my head
thoughts of how it ought to be.
All races joined in harmony
one love one God one destiny
me for you and you for me.
Some may say that I'm a dreamer
but in freedom I'm a believer
in a vision of the world.

It came to my one morning
visions of the world.
Came to me one morning
in visions.
We're just going around in circles
going around in circles.
Going around in circles
spinning around in a vision of the world.

War and famine everywhere
tell me is that fair?
Then without a doubt
it must be time to rearrange.
We are the children of the now generation
it's up to us to make that change.

Every Sunday morning the pastor give a sermon
telling his congregation to live in an upright way.
Well what's the use of living if you ain't got something you believe in
may you well just live in sin and go astray.

Autor(es): G. T. Haynes / P. Murray

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