Visions Of Tragedy

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I had a dream
I saw into the future
We all have nightmares

Thou were gone... forever
But the scent of thee
Was still overwhelming

Alone - alone again
Lost in this world
And the present had become past

Why - why me
Isn't there somebody else who can't bare this loss
I - am alone
And darkness penetrates my mind
I see my life flashing before my eyes
I am walking in the woods at night
I think, but my thoughts dissolve
But what can it change
It's like that everywhere

Time had come
And the days were done
I can't bare this loss

The light from thy eyes, that I used to love
Has passed away, forever
Will I hear the birds sing again, from the trees around me
Will dawn appear again, and dusk disappear

And I cry - alone
Isn't there somebody else who can't bare this loss

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