Vision To Dream On

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I've seen your forbidden treasures,
But those riches I just can't hold
Though they shine just like a diamond,
And they're precious as pure gold
But someone is waiting to love me,
With a heart so strong and true
And though it might be easy to stay here,
I'm gonna walk away from you

I feel inside the burning of a love that just can't be
And nothing can quench this yearning
That builds inside of me
I've got more than a man could ask for
So wanting you is foolish dreams
Still, you're a vision to dream on,
But a memory I don't need

I know it's not much consolation, it's hard to bow out gracefully
Darlin', I just have to thank you, you always left it up to me
There'll be no consummation, but dreaming is not a crime
And you'll be a sweet inspiration, for a long long time

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