Earth and Fire

Voice From Yonder

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Voice: Here there is complete
unity and harmony and love
Here there is truly brotherhood
Here there is the wisdom of all time

You from yonder please be fair
You know, we wonder how
life is up there
Be sure, we realize
Nothing completely satisfies
Please imagine, what we want
We'd like to know more about beyond

You from yonder please be fair
You know we wonder how
life is up there
This what you say you're living in
Isn't that what you can call
the Real Thing

Truly this is a spiritual world
Indeed it is so, so different
and so tremendously alive, so vital
It cannot be depictured or described
One can only feel it,
or know it, or sense it
It's so vast, it is so beautiful
Do not fear that passing
through your world to this

You from yonder please be fair
Still we wonder, how life is up there
History really has a trend
Always chasing the rainbow's end
Everything sure can be mented
The more you know, the more you can't

You from yonder, I'm not satisfied
It may be true, it may be devised

Autor(es): T.Hurts

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