When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

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I hope this is a passing phase.
There is no future when I stand here with you.
This is the end. No longer will you hear my voice.
So long. Goodbye.
And don't you think for a second you'll see my face again.
I killed the hope, but you buried it.
This is a promise. I will not let you back in my life.
This is a promise I keep to myself.
Only time will tell how long you'll keep your legs closed.
I give that bitch another week, before she's on her knees again with one of my friends.
And I tried my best to forgive and forget you.
I tried my best to forgive and forget you.

Won't you be my bride? (Another day [x4]) [x8]

Autor(es): Emmure / Frank Palmeri

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