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All the abuse I've seen has crept into my dreams.
Petrol on broken wings, sheets torn for making slings.

Is this my heritage, I can't begin to live.
With these dark memories holding me back for years.

A demon seed lives in me.
Exorcise what's driving me

In every thought and habit,
Til now I barely controlled it.
Seeping from every pore,
Always demanding more.

I can feel the ashes falling down like autumn leaves.
Tunnelling towards the shafts of light above me.
She would have me rest in shadows deep.

Wolves come run with me all through the forest branches.
Scratch and tears your skin but we are all in trances.
Vorvolaka, vorvolaka, she flickers and she dances,
See how she pulls your puppet strings but I must take my chances.

Autor(es): Die So Fluid

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