Carlos Santana

You are my kind

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Stay with me baby
And that’s all I ask of you
And I know that someday
You won’t remember
The way that this moment feels to you
Don’t let it go
Don’t turn your back on what you think you know
You never know you know
Don’t leave it alone
Cause I need you to cling to

Cause you are my kind
You’re all that I want
Here in this life
Until we are gone
Our breath and our skin
Our hearts and our minds
They’re one and the same
You are my kind

Well call on me baby
If you should ever need someone
To help get your head straight
I’ll be your resident all night
Sure am glad just having you around
Well all that I know
When you find love you never let it go
You never know you know
Without you I’m lost
I get scattered
I’m shattered

I love and our life
My heart and my soul
Need you tonight
Your love makes me whole
And it’s all I can stand
Until you come home
I need you tonight
Cause you are my kind
I need you tonight
Cause you are my kind

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