Desiree Million

Where Is The Love?

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There is sad music playing
oh yeah that's what I hear
and that sad violin is crying
I can see the tears
Where is all the bliss?
there must be more to this somewhere
I thought I'd be a princess or a Queen
and have a house full of love
but to my dispair
Thank God above
he seems to be the only provider of true love
I used to dream of my knight in shining armour
but he married someone else
and everytime I thought that I had found love
it didn't last my what a past
all I have is today
and I just want to say
where is the love that I dreamed of?
Where oh where oh where is my love?
I thought it would all be so simple
man what a shock
I'm getting old
where's the love?
Thankfully God is love

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