Acoustic Junction

Where Oh Where

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Where oh where did the music go?
Did we trade our guitars for a horn that didn't blow
And why do we need words when they don't mean
Nothing but income and pictures on the screen

Bring back the sixties
Bring back the long hair
Say no to madonna and we won't care
Just bring back the sixties with the sun and the
Moon and the music everywhere....

Where oh where did the feelings go?
Why make the bread when all you want is dough
Yes and all the kids whom come just to see the man
Dressed up in his suit with his matching robot band

Now i have nothing against wasting time
But why go on stage if you're going to mime
Now i wonder who can tell me what the nineties will bring
A band with no pickers and music without strings

Autor(es): Reed Foehl

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