Vox Diaboli

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within our senseless will, driving motives - no absolution for one's
- changes are minor, yet impact is unaccountable - no standard for
achieving satisfaction
- rising from the depths of needs - voices that
will take control - the dances of demons inside the brain - post-modern
struggle within a self
- when the basics are covered, alternatives taken -
creatively made options, a new world chaos - many to choose from, but more
yet to offer
- the world is not enough as sky is our limit - derived from
disturbances - arrival of morbid signals - when insanity approaches - the
weak is the one who denies his weakness - no need to evaluate sin and its
- when it came to degenerate our existence - accepting the power to
wash-over self - transformation is imminent - rising from the hollow core
- someone who must take control
- invite the flame to purge and burn -
ruling the battle within a self

Autor(es): JEFF