Vox Of Anti-Time

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Distorted walls cannot tear the lights of thunder and the flashes of reason
If something must still happen, it shall happen following the rules of anti-logic
Flee from the ignoble joke of nature, that vegetates in company of the fetid ignorance
Don't burn your energy trying to stand your anti-you
Scratch lunacy and remember that, after all, everything can be brought back to a ridiculous game by the vox of anti-time.
You cannot separate happiness from your life, as your life is not exempt form tragedy
World is made the contrary of what the common sense is done
It leans on a ignorant and unthankful substratum, that sings hosanna to the ones who kill and spits on those who celebrate the excitement of life, that worships the false prophets refusing the simplicity of sincere feelings, to protect his own inconsistent shell from the disappointment of raw truth.
I am against every stereotype or icons
I yearn an antiseptic space, impatient and devoid of shame
I know it exists, it is inside me
Sometimes outside me
I've been there with my mind.

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