Wade Through

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a while of littles
thoughts & moments
scary weather, but that's alright
I sweat a little, scatter fears, smile
she'll be there
and that's alright

when I see such a beauty
I get scared
water to wade through
I just stare

I'm thinking
too much about
whether or not
it's all right
I'm going to be scared
I'm jinxing it
and jinx it by doing that

water to wade through
I'm scared
I'll invite her in to me
but where will she stand?
"do I look okay now?" I ask
"yea? good. They stay
stick figures line sidewalks
licking wounds
stroking ego
the, angels all I made demons
blended faces streaked with come and blood
rotting limbs I save
trapped in liquid
stains on paper
apart from me then
but not all the way out
to exorcise them is wearing
but there they are staring
when I see such beauty
I get scared, so I
dirty the water then wade through
wade through dirty then
dirty water to wade through
water to wade through dirty