Blossom Toes

Wait A Minute

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Have it your own way
There's nothing here
Fragment by fragment
Our love disappears
But wait a minute
What's gone wrong
Wait a minute, turn around
And see them standing here I'm still believing
Catch every moment
Let nothing slip away
Hold your breath
Wait a minute
Now that time stands still
I see no reason
For our parting
I believe
I see the sun it's all around you
But I see your dreams
And what do they mean
Someone tell me
Wait, have it your way
Wait a minute
They say there's nothing here, no
Wait, you can't leave me behind
Wait a minute
But mileage doesn't count
Wait you know I'll say just anything I can
Wait a minute
To make you stay with me
So why don't you stop here
Wait a minute
The sun is shining all around

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