Shock Therapy

Waiting For You

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I dont want to be alone waiting for you
I might have to suffer for all i know

I look into the sky waiting for you
In the name of comfort its all i can do

The sun beats down on my back
While im waiting for you
I patiently toil my life away

I will never gain the courage i lack
To stand alone without need of you

If i were to have a gun waiting for you
Im not sure i wouldnt shoot myself
Because i was bored

Maybe i will punch a hole in the world
While im waiting for you
Or a least in the hearts of the malcontent
For being what they are

I will never learn to respect myself
To stand on my own two feet with dignity
Waiting for you
Waiting for you

Im running away but my body isnt moving
It is waiting for you
Ill run as for as i can get from here
And still be here for you

I will never bite the bullet, i fear
But maybe when i die this will all disappear
Waiting for you waiting for you

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