The Style Council

Waiting on a connection

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Cut the cake and drop the fine
Ive seen good friends go down the line
This part of town where the sun dont shine
Always on the connection
This wind blows cold inside the flats
The screams start up like howling cats
Righted when I kick up dust
Be there on the connection

Could spend your life while spend the cash
Sell your soul or just your ass
Beat the boredom by beating someone
Either way youll just be waiting on the connection

Seen all sights and they see mine
Counting seconds - Ive done my time
Now Im due out - they do ... divine
Im trying to make the connection

If all this were fair - and justice true
Id drink a toast - to me and you
As it is Ill just drink to forget
I tried to make the connection

You can kill the spirit but not the soul
Kill the poet and hope that goes
As lies are lies - Ive lived and died
Either way Im waiting on a connection

Soon in the bed - gonna rest - unrest
Sooner you give ....... Ill still be here when push comes to shove
Waiting on a connection!

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