Wicked Man

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Shadows are long - sun fallin down
It must be an evil that's brewin all around
Thoughts on the bullet - eyes holdin still
Seconds are hours tickin to the kill

You're a wicked man
I shot the hell you down
You're a wicked man
Your blood is on the ground
You're a wicked man
Feel the powder burn
You're a wicked man
But i'm the devil's son

Could you hear the sound - of the trigger's toll
Lead speedin thru the air just like a howlin dog
Hear the widow's song - gospel good as dead
By me there you lie a scarlet riverbed

Smoke is finally clear - everyone's a mess
Now they start to realize just who i really am
Silent - lonesome moan
You thought you were the man but you were f**kin wrong

I'm the devil's son…

Autor(es): Count Lyle