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Ridin' round while I'm dopin' up
When I knock you better open up
One million blunts and I smoke enough
I'm just a young white punk steady rolling up
Smokin' down, pass away
She need an ash so I pass the tray
She 0D, she owe me, she know it's Bones so she feel the blade
Slowly fade, drugs slowly burn
Blinds closed, she got more to learn
Skeletons in my closet, it's a graveyard in my room
I feel like cousin Skeeter when I'm ridin' in a Bimmer
Bitches on my steelo cause I look just like Aaliyah
Ridin' off in the yacht (yacht)
Swimmin' pool on top (top)
Rollin' up on the deck, blowin' smoke up on the dock
It's the slim young pimp, 20 beepers on my hip
Candy paint, let it drip, like the rain from the winds (What?)

Wakin' up cryin', Wakin' up cryin' for you
What else can I do?
I'm soakin' my pillows through
Wakin' up cryin'...

Autor(es): Elmo,Jonny Telafone

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