Wakko's Wish

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DrSns : Hey, what's up? What's all the noise?
Cmaker : The Warner girl and the Warner boys
Tristesse: They're gathered round in the village square
Cmaker : They say there's something way out there
Minerva : Something weird and something strange...

Voiceover: (spoken) In a tale that captures your imagination...

Brain : What is that?
Pinky : Haven't you heard?
Brain : There's no such thing; it's too absurd!
Dot : It could well be but we just don't know
Yakko : We'll soon find out, 'cause we're going to go
YW D : To the wishing star!
Chorus : To the wishing star!
YW D : It's something weird, and it's all bizarre
And it fell to Earth from way up far
Chorus : They're on their way to the wishing star.

Chorus : I gotta get to the wishing star
We're doing really good so far
Plotz : Out of my way, whoever you are...

Voiceover: (spoken) Steven Spielberg presents
The Animaniacs, in their first full-length feature.
Wakko's Wish. Coming Fall 1999.

Dot : (spoken) Maybe we should have kept this our little secret

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