Cosy Sheridan


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Waldo lost his balls today

He does not want to go out and play

He knows some wrong has been done

Waldo he was real well hung

What could have been will not now be

Waldo's wheels are history

He bent a wheel and he sprung a spoke

They call him fixed but he's feeling broke

Now if you run into waldo's two

Missing little flowers

He'd like to know why they had to go

He kept them clean for hours

Now he's just a leaf without the bud

Waldo's sleeve has lost it's stud

It's a brand new game

For the girls and boys

Let's find waldo's toys

If waldo had tweo legs not four

They would've cut less

They would've left more

They'd have left the engine taken the fuel

Waldo'd still have the family jewels

And his holy heat seeking device

He's a boardgame now without the dice

If only he could have realized

The joys of having been vasectomized

In a perfect world, waldo would have had

Just one night where he could be real bad

With a little dog about to get spayed

Just once waldo could have gotten laid

And he'd have the memory all his life

Before his gonads met the knife

With a little restraint and opposable thumbs

Waldo something different

Might have been done

Now he's lying out back feeling low

Waldo's balls have ceased to roll

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