Patti LaBelle

Walking away

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People, if you've got some that's workin' against you
Turn around and walk away (you can do it)

I wanna talk to you, girl (talk to me, girl)
Something's leading me into temptation
The stress of life is getting deep in my soul
I wake up with the feeling of frustration (tell me about it)
I'm praying but my anger is taking a-hold

My body's giving in but my spirit says no
But, Lord, I know You hear
So, please, don't let me go
I promise I'm

Walking away like I know I should
Making a change starting at you
Keeping my eye on the one up high
Looking forward to a brighter day
If they ask just say
Tell you I'm walking away

Yes, I am
Tell'em, Cece

You could stay in bed like that forever
But tell me, Patti
Would that give you a chance to grow? (I don't think so)
Your life's been good
You've had your share of adventure (I've been so blessed)
But there's more to Him
Than prayer before a show

I know how you feel
Take the higher road (that's why I'm talking to you)
And lightens up the load
Come on and walk with me

Repeat Chorus

Sometimes I get afraid
Of losing my control
The Lord that you praise
Will always grab hold, yes He will
Praise Him right here
The friend that counts to you now
I'm right here by your side
One step at a time
Let's walk away

Duet with: Cece Winans

Autor(es): Denise Rich / Gordon Chambers / Rick Williams / Troy Taylor

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