Walk On By

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You can feel my heart
You can be my love
I will be there ...
Whenever you just walk on by

Fatima - yo, that's my name so check it out
I got shonuffa skills 'n i know what i'm talking 'bout
You might think that i'm too young but yo i got it goin on
And coz i'm young my rhymes they kickin fresh and strong

I saw you once or twice on my way home back from school
You's lookin fly, so i said "hi", but you was actin cool
I thought okay no way to stay and that's alright alright
I passed away - another chance, another day or night

So little do you know about the funkyness inside me
So come a little closer boy and don't you try da fight me
Honesty's a must but you and me can let it go
I touch your mind - i free your soul - commom now feel the flow

Refrain (2x)

Okeydokey - i'm collin with my best friend
I try to explain her, she says: girl you better understand
This guy is just no good for you, he gamin on you sister
I know but hey what can i do - i like da funky mister

Saturday night and i'm feelin kinda lonely
Everyone's with someone - and me? i am the only
Not to have a cuty, na, do you think that's fair?
These guys just wanna booty - but i don't even care

There he is, my shining star, he's with a bunch of brothers
Smilin at me, comin to me, boy you're like no other
"hi, my name's vandell, i liked the way you smiled at me
I know this does sound kinda fast, but i do look for company"

Boy oh boy, didn't you recognize me yesterday?
My heart goes boum boum, no i can't let him get away
Stay baby stay until the break of day
I'll show you love. i'll bring you joy but anyway

Refrain (2x)

Refrain (2x)