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Oi motherf**ker,

Get yo' motherf**kin' hands off me motherfukin' police officer,

Ei you bullshit,

F**k that shit man, I'm tired of you motherf**kers getin us always getin bust on, motherf**ker, shit. Always tweakin man.

Just get in the motherf**kin' cell and shut the f**k up.

Shit man, I'm tired of you motherf**kers always f**kin with me all the time man, I'm tired of this shit man. I'm gonna call my bitch, she gonna come get me up out this motherf**ker, ei, what you smiling at in the corner nigger? Shut up and pass me a cigarette foo'. Man i'm tellin' you my bitch gona come get me up outta here.

(Phone Ring)




Bitch this ain't no motherf**kin' Leroy, ei i'm in motherf**kin' jail, you better come get me up outta here, it's me baby wassup!?

First of all I ain't yo' bitch, Second of all I ain't commin' to get you out of (ahh f**k that ) motherf**kin' nowhere, motherf**ker.

F**k you.

F**k you!

F**k you.

Ai, to ai, you betta come pick me up from this motherf**ker, thas all I know. Ei ei what you talkin' bout phone check nigger, you betta wait your turn foo'. Ei come get me up outta here baby, thas all real. Ei, if you don't I just get my other bitch to come get me, f**k it, I just drop you, f**k it.


Yo' wassup niggers and niggettes. If you ever have a problem like this don't call that broke ass nigger you got, and don't call that sorry bitch that don't give a f**k about you anyways. What you need to do is call 1-900-2-Compton (well all right!).

1-900-2-Compton, thats 1-900-2-Compton. This show was sponsered by the niggers that don't give a f**k.