Walk With Me

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There are things about me God only knows
and I'd Have to say you guys are next in line

No Matter what I tell you
You don't Love me less
And I'm sure you are the truest friends of mine

On this Narrow road of faith
I don't Want to be unwise
And Stray into the field of compromise

Walk with me
To make it through this life
I need Brothers who will stand right by my side
Walk with me
Speak the truth in love and keep
Reminding me to guard my heart from lies

'cause to
Be the man God wants me to be
I need you to
Walk with me

Ask me honest questions Point out what I don't see
You can speak into my life anytime

These feet are prone to wander
When Temptation calls to me
So I'm asking you to help keep me in line

There's a Risk in being open
And a Fear in honesty
But I Know you truly want what's best for me

(Chorus twice)

Autor(es): Harris / Wood / Words

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