Eric Lumiere

Walk With You mix2

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Listen can you hear me can you talk to me
Over stars over vacant melodies locked in your heart
Can you walk without a reason next to someone you dont know
To a place where its safe to discover youre alone

But so am I
So Ill walk with you

So I will walk with you
So I will walk with you

Take my hand to keep your fingers warm so you can write
A letter to your family with the strength you need to share everything you meant
To say yesterday they know and I know
Cause I can see how big your love is shining when you get torn apart

So Ill walk with you

So I will walk with you
On this road of truth
I dont know where it goes
But it leads somewhere safe

We cry cause we know
Theres so much love in this world
We cry not because were sad
But letting go of this world

Sooner or later what are we made of
When the storm comes when theyve left us
Is this a lesson is this a message to come back home
What is home

Ill walk with you