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It's in the story it's in today's life
It can make you die
Only for glory and the people die
What's the reason? Why?
It can make you die
What's the reason? Why?

Why can't we make this war
Stop with no other blood
No, no more agony
No more deadly family
Ooh... Ooh

Put all your rage against the war
United the energy is more, more, more, more
War's just another name for hell
We haven't learnt what story tells, tells, tells, tells
War, war, war, war
Chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos
Desperation and agony war will bring to us
The silence of the human kind will never change this world

And guns, bombs and cannonballs are still destroying our life
The prophecy of mother earth reveals we have to die
But if we're strong our justice will be done
The power of people will rise
We'll ride the light, the sun will be our guide
The crowd now is ready to fight
Ooh... Ooh

It's not a game, we mustn't feel the pain
Our last chance to win is now
The peace will reign, together we'll put out the flames
The salvation army goes on
Ooh... Ooh