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War, an animalistic reaction to human misunderstandings.

I wanna tell you about war!
All over war! All over war! All over war! Everywhere!

Please pause the applause and let me comment
on the scores of wars in every continent.
To me it's clear to see and very evident
that towards violence mankind is bent.
Check history from past to present
check the orient and then the occident.
It won't take you long to make a good assessment
that the human race is belligerent.
From primitive man to his now descendants
that animal nature is still prevalent.
A knowledge of this is quite sufficient
in understanding mankind's predicament.
Everyone is to blame no one is innocent
no one is exempt from involvement.
They can't shut me up can't keep me silent
I've got feelings to vent right now about war!

Now some people say they want disarmament
but in times like this we need arms for defense.
'Cause certain world leaders that are hooked on decadence
would never consent to a peace settlement.
If this world was mine I would pass judgement
on every crooked leader that promotes violence.
I'd give them a long term of imprisonment
and then I lose the key! (oops) quite by accident.
I wouldn't feel sorry no I wouldn't lament
'cause I hold wicked people in utter contempt.
To be rid of all of them would be a great improvement
on the world environment cause there'd be no war!

War over here. War over there. War every where.
Every where, every where, every where's war.

Ain't got time to whine and pine about historical events
what happened then is dead and gone and now is quite irrelevant.
What matters to me now is future events
that's why I'm on the front line of the peace movement.
Sowing seeds of sense in a world of nonsense
yes I'm on a mission with a message heaven sent.
What the people of today need is enlightenment
and then there'd be peace in every continent.
I know Jah children will agree with this statement
'cause in the victory of good over evil we are confident.
There's hope for us yet so don't get despondent
there must be a way to prevent all the war!

Autor(es): Pato Banton

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