War In The Sky

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[Lead: Stormbringer]

Death - unholy death,
Thy maggots' souls,
Burn unto me.

Pain - empire of pain,
In slavery,
You'll come to me.

[Lead: Necromancer]

War - infernal war,
Putting to death,
The Nazarene.

As my spirit rises and glides across the cemetery,
The mist - it lifts me from the circle and I start to soar,
I start to fly.

In my death the prophecy of infernal war was given to me,
A thousand years gone by and I see it now,
The future written in my eye.

For every angel seven demons march with me to war,
The distant rumble of the lightning,
We head towards the glowing sky.

At the speed of light we storm towards the holy gates,

A tear in space and time itself converts us to pure energy.

[Lead: Necromancer]
[Lead: Stormbringer]
[Lead: Necromancer]

[repeat verses 1, 2, and 3]

[Lead: Stormbringer]

Autor(es): Stormbringer

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