Warped Illusions

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In the night of explicit spells lurks the one inside
A twist to turn about the mind chosen one's abide

Paralyzed from is one's existence. Communicate to concern
Mind disclosure of a lost composure brainwashed souls to burn

Senseless thought escaped the cry to be,
a form to be that no one can take to see

Disclosed a figured speech for hypocrisy
Pursuing in darkened space written blasphemy

Captured souls walk the earth and trap us in their minds
Thest the anger in us and see what might unwind

Your warped illusions fill your brain to destroy our self respect
Your pointing us in your directions that's way we reject

Hypocrisy you think we're a disease some kind of infection
No way out caught in a maze it's not what it's about

Autor(es): Acrophet