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I’ve been judged
I’ve been a bug unknown
I know all about it
But my heart is strong

I’ve been away
Been running to save my head
Yeah the warrant’s out
And I’m almost dead
I won’t say what I’ve already said

Got to get away
Yeah the warrant’s on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead

I’ve thought a lot about the way that they fight
Come through the phone lines
Not man enough to face me
I can’t stop or argue about what they say
Yeah, the warrant’s out
And I’m not gonna pay
I said what I’m gonna say

Fear is like a fake friend
It warms you up and takes you in
You mouth the words but no sound comes out
Fear is like your best friend
Manipulates and takes you in
You mouth the words
No sound again
But you don’t know better, you don’t know better

Autor(es): Mark Foster

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