War Story

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This is a story
About a boy
That had his youth
Completelly marked
By war
Check it

Let's go
This is a story
About a boy
Who suddenly
Found himself
In the middle
Of World War II
And he was only
Fifteen years old
And he had
To take care of himself
And his family's survival
His mother used
To hide many refugees
In the basement
Of his house
Has been destroyed
And there was no food
At that time there
Was a big apple harvest
Stone soup and ground
Wood to make pasta
People were
Starving to death
This is consequence
Of check it out
Juss hear it

So cool jammed
He was jammed
Into a world
And couldn't be free
He jammed
Is gonna be all right
I don't know why
They did this
To the world

This guy
Is a mutha fuckar

There wasn't work
At all
Everybody was dying
Bombs everywhere
Lots of people lost
Their families
Then one day
The boy realized
There was
No way out of there
When his mother came
And told him
To go to the basement
To protect himself
Of the bombs
And he said
If I have to die
I'm gonna die
Anyway here
Or down there
When one day
The americans
Aarrived bringing
Clothes and doctors
And the guy
And his family
Were found safe

So cool jammed
He was jammed
And couldn't be free
Is gonna be all right
Baby, hey baby
Stop the war
It's peace time
My baby

For the american black
Sargeant friendship
He became
The mascot
Of the battalion
And then his
Younger friend
Called John Louis
Taught him
Everything about boxing
And the black culture
And he knew nurses
Who were the great
Jazz and Blues singers
This is everything
That he taught
To his
Black soul daughter
And here I am
Georgia n tha house

This is the story
Of my father
And like him
Many people suffered
Lost their families
And had their countries
Completelly destroyed
It's like this
Everybody screatching
From nothing
It's real
You know what I mean?
Believe it

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