Wasted (With You)

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I was feeling like a dog I was backed into a corner
Foaming at the mouth when you walked on by
You do something to me whenever you get near me
And when you start to talkin' girl you blow my mind
(I don't want you to go) so keep talkin'
why don't you tell me what is on your mind
(it don't matter at all) I won't knock it
feel so alive when you're by my side
I don't mean to stutter (I'm caught up in the moment)
It's just lack of sleep (I've been up since early morning)
The world just keeps on turning (hey, we can't control it)
But you gave me just one kiss for the meantime

We don't need nowhere to go
So lock the door and turn up the radio
We don't need nothing to do
I'll lock the world outside and waste away with you

Baby I don't care if they say we got no future
Don't lay it on me it's just a waste of time
If you get to feeling there's nothing to believe in
I got a remedy to ease your troubled mind
(I just want you to know) that you've got it
you got the light so baby let it shine
(it don't matter at all) they can't knock it
don't understand us cause they never tried

Autor(es): Squad Five-O

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