Stefanie Heinzmann

Wasting My Time

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i'm sitting here and i'm wondering
where you gonna be tonight
all i wish i knew the secret 'bout turn on your light
things inside my head they confuse me
i go round and round and
round and round in circle
should i stay here
should i leave
should i give up the fight

*i might be wasting my time
wasting my time
have i get to resign myself to loosing you
wasting my days
you still amaze me
am i am i am i just wasting my time*

when i saw you for the first time
something happened to my heart
it is something i believe in
sounds crazy but it's love at first sight
gotta figure out
gotta find a way
to get inside your mind
boy i wanna be your girl
if it takes summer days in all my nights


i guess i have been hacking on baby
if i'll be a fool
waiting for you just to love me
but you acting so cool

repeat* *

i might be wasting my time
i might just wasting my time

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