Wast Of Time

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Wasted my time, you wasted your time on me
Let's face the facts that we must break clean
Fucked with my mind, i was too blind to see
So i waited patiently

I will not stand by and try
I cannot be by your side
You drained the life out of me
Livin' in such misery

Life is not kind, people are filled with greed
You are no exception, you were no friend to me
Fucked with my mind
Took my self esteem and i waited anxiously

What did you mean, you said you said you cared for me
I was so naïve, i let you walk all over me

I've gained courage, now i am
So better off without you in my life
You sold me out and through it all you fuckin'
Wasted my time.

I've realized through all your lies you did not think too much of me
You helped yourself and did not think to offer me your company
The hurt inside will heal in time and that's the price i have to pay
And that's just fine, i've done my time and now
I'm glad to walk away cause after all, you fuckin' wasted my time