Touché Amoré

Water Damage

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You couldn't help
But spill your glass
Onto that nightstand
So that would
Raise the cracks
Became to have such shaky hands

Those patriotic coffee cups
That came in a set of four
Became three when I found a handle
Broken off on the tiled floor
Where you used to cook our meals
While you watched that small TV
That was so dangerously
Placed above the kitchen sink
Came and gone away
Again, I find myself
Focused on the insignificant
Like there will be a revelation
That will make a difference

That night when you took the wrong dose
And weren't making any sense
Is a night that I often remember
And one I wish I could forget
But it's there to stay

It's been replaying
Over and over
The words they echo
A violent offer
When you leaned in
And said
We both know what this is

And I haven't recovered since
No I haven't recovered since
No I haven't recovered

Autor(es): Jeremy Bolm

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