Water to my Thirst

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The intimate unspoken ways
We touch each others lives
Is a pledge of the tomorrows we will share
And our battle with these darkening days
Will pass as each one strives
To remember our committment is to care

You are water to my thirst
You have been my first, last,and only loves
Though you are many, we are one
A family begun in a simple time
A gentle rhyme like this could never show
You may never know
How I love you so

Though none alive can bind us
There still remains a bond
Renewed each passing moment by our choice
These links of love will find us
Growing every day more fond
Of the harmonies our sharing souls will voice

And if our way is growing
It is not perfect yet
We may need all our lives to learn its song
There's more to music's flowing
Than solo or duet
And better still when many sing along

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