Twisted Minds

Wave of Dispair

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Why so many questions?
I am so submerged
By a heap os answers
Which make me depressed.
Is it so hard to find
A simple reason?
I am heading nowhere!

The angels must not be on my side. today they have flown away.
I'd show a smile but i'm too sad. I can't laught like a drain.

One day i will find my own way but now where is my place where is my place?
Just make my way out of this mess.

Can we be recreat! Completely changed!
I'm wasting life away and i'm just going out like a light!

I'm warped and twisted
I am as empty
As the ocean
It lives inside of me

I fell the look upon me it surrounds and embraces me.
Uou can't condamn me for what i look pr because i'm free.

Some people have to advide me
Some people have to tell me


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