Waves of Destruction

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How many times you wondered
Thought of the stars that shined in the sky
How long the sun persisted
Does it matter ? now it?s time to die

How long it will all last and when it stops to be
Will the catastrophe appear unexpectedly
Keeping us all in uncertainty
Holding with no answer constantly

Almighty force of spatial devastation
Coming waves of destruction

Came out nowhere to turn everything into dust
Like a gigantic black hole approaching incredibly fast
Another star system put into trap ? soon they will die
Empty words ? ?we can survive? ? it is a perfect lie

(repeat chorus)
Cosmic cataclysm of entire galaxy ? we were defendless
Taken lives of billion entities ? opposition was pointless
We tried to protect mankind ? our perfect plan has failed
Our planet disappeared ? origin of this weapon couldn?t be unveiled

Technology so advanced ? beyond our imagination
Planted in a place we cannot reach ? out of comprehension
We are too primitive ? they don?t give a shit to our civilization
Destroying thousands of systems ? earth isn?t their final destination

Autor(es): Sceptic