Bishop Leonard Scott

Way To Begin

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Dear God
It's me again down here
Don't wanna sound insincere
I'm lost
Sometimes you're so unclear
What can I do?
I'm feeling so far from you
Disconnected from it all
The weight of the world
Has pushed me to the wall
I surrender
To you I'm giving in
Come take me
Save me
I want to start again
I'll open my broken heart
'Cause I've reached the end and
You are the way to begin
I've seen a million empty smiles
Living in denial
I don't wanna live like that
When nothing's real
I hate how it is to feel
Disconnected from it all
I'm breaking
I'm aching for something beautiful
All the riches in this world
Couldn't fill this great big hole
It takes something so much more
Only you can take me
You can make me whole

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