We 2 Feel Blue

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Sunday morning you came all around me
I can´t stand your happiness
Last night you got so drunk
I thought that we were goign to fight
Please don´t worry ´cause I´m not thinking
The same way I was last night
My mind is clear right now
So there´s no reason for us to fight

I know you´re my friend
But sometimes you get so strange
I get strange when I drink
So I feel happy for not feeling blue

I know I made you sad yesterday
Sorry I was sadder than you
I really know what you were feeling
When the only thing you said was fuck you
I guess you didn´t know
I´m sorry I didn´t know
Now we two feel blue

Please don´t worry ´cause I´m not
the stupid kind of guy I was last night
I know,I know that I fucked up
But I don´t give a fuck