We Ate The Horse You Rode In On

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This is not
At all what it seems
There is no sorrow or regret
For the choices that we make
You'll be gone like them tomorrow
Goddamn I'm no killer
They'll be looking
They'll be searching for days
To find a trace of your body
I remember those confessions you made
When you drove to my house
Were you looking for trouble
I know all those houses look the same
We'll keep on moving
With the wind at our backs
I don't want to see you fall apart
When they come to get you
I know we can have at this head start
And I'm sure we'll pull through
Tell me that we'll make it out alive
I know this desert has got its ghosts
So know it's just a matter
A matter of time before they find us
Oh my my oh hell yes
You're being buried in your party dress
I'll hide my face from the sun
And the fire won't stop
Fire won't stop me
We'll keep on moving with the wind at our backs
Oh my my oh hell yes
You're being buried in your party dress
You're not my usual
My usual
You're not my usual victim
You're safe and sound
I'll keep you hidden with me

Autor(es): Vanna

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