We Both Know Why You're Here

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There is no reason to struggle
Nothing on earth you should fear
You say you received it but I just don't believe it
We both know why you're here

You never make an appointment
You never make anything clear
You say you're for real like that's a hell of a deal
But we both know why you're here

You need it and you read it and you feed it and you don't believe
It's just a joke
You follow it you swallow it and then you like to wallow in it
Like civilized folk

Who like their rewards nice and easy
But you thought we were the four musketeers
You say you've got the stuff but there's never enough
And we both know why you're here

You say some rich man really loves you
Oh, did you really think he's sincere?
He wants all you got, that isn't a lot
And we both know why you're here

You walk it and you talk it but you never balked in it
Like nothing's wrong
You rush it and you crush it I'd hate to ever see you suss it
But my curiosity is strong

Autor(es): Marty Willson-Piper / Richard Ploog

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