We Break By Design

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We break by design
Like nothing else
We'll fuck up things all by ourselves
No cause, no cure
and not a goddamn tear for what we were

Just so you know
every dream of yours is being broken
and we've got your silver lining to make sure it's choking
and when it's finally dead
we'll ring it up as a noose
'cause once your dreams are gone
then we're coming for you

So say good-bye
then run and hide
because the truth isn't there
when you close your eyes
and you think you've won
and you think you're saved
when all you've done
is dug your grave
And as you sit
and wait to rot
you think about
the choice you've got
Forgive and forget
just drift away
or get a hold of yourself
'cause there's Hell to pay

This is not a time for peace
So stand!

We break by design
We break, we break
we break then we all follow
won't cut the ties that bind
so shut your fucking mouth
and get the fuck in line

We break because we're scared
too scared to see the truth
if no one here will cry for you
then they wouldn't die for you
and there's nothing you can do

We break by design
so shut you mouth and close your eyes
everything will be just fine
everything will be just fine

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