We Could Never Be Friends ('Cause We've Been Lovers Too Long)

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I kinda die inside
Every time you're with someone new
You need to be so free
So be free, but hey!
Free me too
Don't intend to be caught in the end
Of a dream goin' down
Love, with a love like you
Now who needs a friend around
I'm telling ya...
I'm packing up my junk in a trunk
And I'm leavin' town
And I'm homeward bound
Love, you and me, we can never be friends
Never be friends
It's too unfriendly like
Love, don't cha see we can never be friends
We've been lovers so long...so long
Time after time
Tryin' to be true to you
Dime after dime
I waste my dime
Tryin' to get through to you
Just to say, 'Hey, maybe today
We can start again'
Just to see it all
I'm tellin' ya...
I'm checkin' out
I doubt if we'll make it
Together again...ever again

Autor(es): David Cassidy / Tony Romeo

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