Girls Under Glass

We don't care

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We don't give a fuck...
This is house music just a little bit fast come and don't look so stupid
We just wanna kick ass and we know what you think
You think we start to
Get crazy, but we do what we want you better listen up now
We don't give a fuck
We don't care about business
We don't care about sales we do music for fun
We are different from Nine Inch nails
Our English is crab, we like
To mix it with German this is totally funny also jetzt hvr mal her Mann
We don't give a fuck
This Is the last song of our newest CD and if you like it or not it's
Brilliant don't you agree?
We mix techno with metal, electronic and wave
With this fucking weird mixture we carry ourself to our grave

We don't care

We don't give a fuck
About what you say!

Autor(es): Axel Ermes / Girls Under Glass / Hauke Harms / Volker Zacharias

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